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Helicopter ESC

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This Helicopter ESC can be soluted as well as
helicopter ESC with fan.

I.With the MPU of 500MHz operation frequency,good motor compatibility and drive efficiency.

II.Support the Max.Sppeed 240000 RPM for 2 polo brushless motor,80000 RPM for 6 polo brushless motor,40000 RPM for 12 polo motor.

III.With multiple modes:airplane mode/helicopter governor control OFF mode/helicopter high governor control mode/helicopter low governor control mode.

IV.Access to set up the throttle pros and compatibility with all the transmitter.With good and smooth feel of speed control,the best linearity and the fastest throttle response speed.

V.Independent voltage stabilizing IC powers MPU,the better anti-interferentce performance and decrease the possibility of losing control.

VI.Built-in BEC with high power,the Max.current is 8A.

helicopter ESC size
Hlicopter ESC
helicopter ESC Characteristic1
helicopter ESC Characteristic2

helicopter ESC Characteristic

helicopter ESC Characteristic4 helicoptorESC60A--120A

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