Two places in top three, three places in top eight. Flycolor sponsored pilots blossom in AFA Drone Race
Author :Updata time :17/04/15

Oct 30th,2016, the largest drone racing of Asia closed at night. Check out the picture of stadium and see how beautiful it is.

This unique angle is not everyone can take picture from.

Now introduce the AFA Drone Race. The host has put a lot of effort to it. Regarding the winning price, the first place can win 30,000 USD reward which is almost 300 million RMB which is so attractive. Even the reporter myself want to play racing drones.

Such abundant reward plus professional racing tracks would definitely attract top pilots from all over the world.

They are genius little pilot Min Chan Kim from Korea, Young Rok Son who got the fourth place in Hawaii race, French master Dunkan Bossion, Brian Morris who won the second place in Dubai Drone Race, the black horse Wanraya Wannapong (a 9 years old little girl), and Chinese pilots Hai Lang and Huang Mi Mi, and many good players which I cannot tell theirs names.

Group photo of pilots

Qualifying match was carried in the first two days in three rounds. Each round the contestant flies for 3 minutes. Based on the best record in the three rounds decide the final 36 ranking.
By two days intensive competition, the list of final 36 was revealed.

The group photo of top 36 contestants

Thailand black horse Wanraya Wannapong (only 9 years old, everybody calls her Milk. Got the seventh place in qualifying match, pretty good) 

Milk competes against Min Chan Kim

Interview to Milk

Young Rok Son is racing in Hawaii

After intensive competition, Dunkan Bossion from France won the champion, Young Rok Son won the second place, Liang Jia Qi from Hongkong won the third place. Flycolor sponsored Huang Mi Mi got the 7th place.

There are two pilots using Flycolor ESC. They are Young Rok Son (2nd) from Korea and Liang Jia Qi (3rd) from HongKong

The group photo of Flycolor sponsored pilots

Flycolor sponsored pilots performed fantastic. They are Young Rok Son (2nd) from Korea , Liang Jia Qi (3rd) from HongKong and Huang Mi Mi from China mainland.