Shenzhen Expand training In January 2015
Author :FlycolorUpdata time :15/02/03

On January 17, 2015, a majority of Flycolor’s members took part in this very meaningful training.
Training goal: learning in the happiness, feeling the power of the team, to make us more harmonious.All members of the fiery passion and highly collective sense of honor!

Flycolor is a team, but has a very benign competition between us! In order to make the competition atmosphere more harmonious, our team can be divided into three small teams competing with each other.

The first small team is yellow vest, slogan: our workers have the power! composed of Flycolor production team. in the training, the advantages of high execution received high honors.

The second team is  Blue Vest, slogan: winners, winners, supremacy. Composed of  Flycolor technology research & development department, the advantages of  innovation, rigorous, consecution, in the training of team cooperation, shoulder the responsibility, over 4.2 meters high graduation wall is the backbone.

The third team is Green Vest, composed of the sales department of Flycolor. They have good planning ability, they are full of passion. When they failure, analysis of the problems, When they success, they share the secret.

They actively preparing for the project, other teams enjoy warmly lunch time, they eat with the fastest speed and quickly Training.

The lunch by each member of Flycolor,, we do the things what we can do, this is a collection of firewood for cooking, chopping, washing dishes, burning firewood, nervous but no panic.

This activity is all members over 4.2 meters of graduation wall. Activity rules must be unarmed, Silence, etc.,We should to trust each other.

After graduation wall, all of us chokingly. when the problems encountered in the work, someone silently spearhead the man-lift, offer a hand when we need to help, someone has been paying attention to our growth, always ready to help us...

In the evening, we watch the sunset together, and taking  the precious picture, the laughter let the sea nearby residents repeatedly wait-and-see.

In 2014, Flycolor with enthusiasm, positive, and the rigorous work attitude has won numerous customer's consistent approval, the company's products and brand won the good market response. Thanks for partners, thanks to us!

Through this activity, deeply understand to the power of the team, a person can not over the graduation wall, a person is unable to solve all the problems. We are bound to be for good in 2015!