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Show your photo, get the ESC free!


To be thankful to all of you loving Flycolor and supporting, we hereby released the below items free for all FPV pilots.

Here is the detail:

1. Raptor SLIM 40A 2-4S D-shot 600 size 35*10*7mm

The most mini sized 40A ESC in the open market for racing drone!

The best meeting your slim frame arm ESC in the open market!

EFM8BB21F16G MCU Frequency 50MHz

Support motor max rpm 500,000

Damped Light, Oneshot, Multishot, Dshot 600

2. Raptor S-Tower 20A and F4 stack D-shot 600 size 20*20mm

20A 4 in 1 ESC 2-4S, D-shot 600

F4, Betaflight OSD, BEC 3.3V/ 5V/ 12V/ Vbat

PPM, SBUS, SPEKTRUM1024/2048 etc.

How to get it FREE FREE FREE

Anyone post a photo image of your favorite drone here, and everyone seeing your post may love it or share it or comment it,

We calculate the total of these actions and decide the most loved drones by the top 10,

He who posted a normal frame and win in top 10 will get a stack 20*20mm 20A F4 FREE OF CHARGE

He who posted a slim armed frame win in top 10 will get a set of Raptor slim 40A FREE OF CHARGE

Where to post

Anyone can show your picture in this forum, or just post on our facebook page

What to post

It would be totally free style, the most good looking photo image of your drones, and you as well, or a short video,

You can post like this

What would be the next step

From 1st September, we will calculate the top 10 guys, who will have the most loves and forward and comment, and post on our facebook page, and before 5th September, we will send a set of the above slim ESC or stack ESC.

These guys will have a chance to test the new released items in the coming future.

Let’s go and show!

Please focus our FB page, for the next coming actions!

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